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Being in the academic world for many years made education and learning a very important part of my identity. I have always been committed to my own life-long learning, and I want to continue that process as my career in teaching moved forward. I strive to be an educator who is continually learning and using new techniques, methods, and tools in the classroom.

During my time in graduate school and public outreach programming, I became increasingly interested in the issues of science literacy and gender equality in post-secondary education. As my passion for K-12 teaching developed, I knew those were issued I wanted to continue to explore and address at that level.

After completing my BEd program and getting experience in a wide variety of classrooms, my teaching philosophy has evolved. I still want to focus on increasing science literacy, but also want to expand that to include math. So many students find these subjects intimating, and I really want to show them how interesting and, YES, even FUN they can be! I want to them to re-explore their childhood passions of exploration and inquiry. To do this, I want to continue to investigate inquiry-based, collaborative, and student-led methods of teaching.

Not only do I want to continue my own life-long learning,  I want to instil the importance of this in students – how being a life-long learner and having a growth-mindset about it really opens so many doors in life. I hope that in modelling my own passion for continual learning, students will understand how important it can be in their own lives.

After taking courses focusing on LGBT2Q issues in education and Safe Schools policies, I have increased my knowledge of issues facing many marginalized groups (race, ability, social class, etc). I will now strive to create an inclusive environment for all students and to act as an advocate for marginalized groups.

In order to achieve these goals, I have implemented a number of pedagogical, classroom management, assessment and planning approaches that I have discussed further in other sections of this portfolio.

Even though I am in the early stages of my teaching career, my education philosophy has evolved a great deal in a short amount of time. I fully expect, and intend, this to be a continual process, and look forward to where it takes me in the coming years.

Want to learn more about me as a teacher? Please visit my teaching e-portfolio.


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