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Google Doc Test Review

Since week 10 is a midterm week + no lecture in Astronomy, there’s not much to review. This gives me the chance to write about using Google Docs as a test review tool. I got this idea from Heather, who … Continue reading

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Astronomy Weeks 8 & 9

I had a lot of extra things on my plate in the last week or two, preventing me from posting here. So, here is what we did in week 8 and 9 of my astronomy class. Week 8 was all … Continue reading

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Astronomy Week #5

This week, we delved into the nature of life on the Earth. The lecture was shorter than normal because I planned to use some time at the end talk about their upcoming midterm (#1 of 2) and do a review. … Continue reading

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Giant Jigsaw Review

In my last post, I mentioned how I tried a giant jigsaw activity in my first-year astronomy class. I figure the topic of the Copernican Revolution lends itself well to this type of activity, because there were 5 main scientists … Continue reading

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Practicum 2 – Week 1

I have finished my first week of my second practicum, which is with a teacher who has three high school math classes (two grade 9s and one grade 12). I’ve only been observing this week, but my associate teacher (AT) … Continue reading

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