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Flipped Flop(?)

I wrote beforeĀ about using an electronic flipped classroom method for a grade 11/12 split physics class (3U/4C) that I adapted from Heather’s resources. I really loved and believed in the method. It was well thought-out, gave the students learning and … Continue reading

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STAO 2016

I spent Thursday and Friday at the STAO conference in Toronto, and it was so awesome to be back! I used to go when I coordinated the CPSX outreach program, in an exhibitor/presenter role. This time, I was there as … Continue reading

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Flipped Update in 3U/4C

So there goes my goal of doing a reflection each week, but I’ve decided not to give myself a hard time about it! Much more important that I do any reflection, than if I do it on a schedule. We … Continue reading

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Things have changed greatly since my last post! I applied for a couple LTO postings, got an interview for one, and received the job! So, instead of supplying to begin my (public) high school teaching career, I’ll be teaching a … Continue reading

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Into High School

I will be starting my transition into the high school system in September! I have been hired by the Avon Maitland District School Board for their secondary occasional teacher (OT) list, and I’m so excited! Over the summer, I’ve been … Continue reading

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Physics ABQ

I just finished my Physics ABQ, so now I’ll have three subject qualifications (Math, General Science, and Physics). As part of the final collaborative inquiry project, we are required to share it somehow. Since I am not teaching right now, … Continue reading

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Astronomy: Final Reflection

The final exam for the Astronomy class was this past Monday and I have gotten my final grades submitted and approved. There are a few loose ends to wrap up (a few students need to write the make-up exam), but … Continue reading

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