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Favourite Moments

As the school year winds down, I’ve been reflecting on my favourite moments I’ve had during my first year teaching public high school. When a notoriously-unreachable student knocked on my classroom door during my prep and we talked for 45 minutes … Continue reading

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Gift of Failure

I recently read The Gift of Failure by Jessica Lahey as part of a Twitter book club for educators. We would read a certain part of the book each week and then have a facilitated discussion via a Twitter chat. The general idea … Continue reading

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Trick the Supply

Being a supply teacher presents its own special challenges. Generally students try to get away with worse behaviour than normal. It can be a struggle to get them to listen and to work diligently. This is actually understandable, as respect … Continue reading

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Google Doc Test Review

Since week 10 is a midterm week + no lecture in Astronomy, there’s not much to review. This gives me the chance to write about using Google Docs as a test review tool. I got this idea from Heather, who … Continue reading

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Astronomy Week 3

Class #3 was all about the sizes & scales in the universe and about the formation of the solar system. These are actually some of my favourite topics in astronomy to talk about because most people find the numbers so … Continue reading

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Quadratics Done, Exponentials Started

This past week brought the half-way point of two of my one-on-one Grade 11 Math classes, and we completed the quadratics unit. The unit start off strong, but with many outside factors for both students made the end of the … Continue reading

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Week 3 – Linear Relations Begins

After the students had a background in algebra and scatter plots, they get combined into the linear relations unit — where students learn to mathematically represent straight lines in a graph. Here’s what I did for each lesson this short … Continue reading

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