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#IMMOOC W5b – Learning through PLNs!

When I started on my path in the public education world, I found out quickly that being on Twitter and reading blogs is an amazing way to access fantastic resources. Luckily I knew some incredibly innovative teachers through my previous … Continue reading

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Flipped Flop(?)

I wrote before about using an electronic flipped classroom method for a grade 11/12 split physics class (3U/4C) that I adapted from Heather’s resources. I really loved and believed in the method. It was well thought-out, gave the students learning and … Continue reading

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STAO 2016

I spent Thursday and Friday at the STAO conference in Toronto, and it was so awesome to be back! I used to go when I coordinated the CPSX outreach program, in an exhibitor/presenter role. This time, I was there as … Continue reading

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Reformed Physics Teaching in SPH4U

I have adopted Chris Meyer’s Reformed Physics Teaching method for SPH4U and I have been incredible impressed! We have finished the intro unit and the first major unit on kinematics, and I  (and some of the students already) have seen great … Continue reading

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Flipped Update in 3U/4C

So there goes my goal of doing a reflection each week, but I’ve decided not to give myself a hard time about it! Much more important that I do any reflection, than if I do it on a schedule. We … Continue reading

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Week 1 (+ a bit!)

The idea was to do my reflection posts on Sunday evenings, but – as usual – things were a bit busy and hectic. So, here it is! Well, I made it through my first week of teaching in a public … Continue reading

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Things have changed greatly since my last post! I applied for a couple LTO postings, got an interview for one, and received the job! So, instead of supplying to begin my (public) high school teaching career, I’ll be teaching a … Continue reading

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