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Freedom of Speech

Recently, I wrote about things students say and do in the classroom when I’m supply teaching. There was one incident that I didn’t mention because I thought it deserved its own post. I had a student who was using foul … Continue reading

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Low Work Ethic Vs. True Barriers to Learning?

I’ve had this post in my drafts folder for over a year now, where I was struggling to help a student (and their parents) figure out what was the underlying cause of a drop in performance. Something I’ve struggled with … Continue reading

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2nd Chance

One of my private MCR3U classes finished on Wednesday, and another will be done next Wednesday. A third is running 3 times a week, so will take until February to finish. This will allow me to re-think some of my … Continue reading

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Specific Expectations Trap

We finished the Exponential Functions unit, and I think the students enjoyed it, especially the last part where we were modelling real-life situations. I used Fry’s Bank Account 3-Act Math, and it was a hit! In stark contrast, we have … Continue reading

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One Week In

I have finished my first week as a high school teacher! Somethings went better than expected, other things did not! But, I guess THAT is to be expected, isn’t it? That’s kind of the beauty of teaching – it’s constantly … Continue reading

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T-4 Weeks

I have four weeks of classes left before my second practicum in my BEd program, and I am SO excited to get into the classroom again! I’ve began reflecting more on the lessons I learned from my first practicum: 1. … Continue reading

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