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2nd Chance

One of my private MCR3U classes finished on Wednesday, and another will be done next Wednesday. A third is running 3 times a week, so will take until February to finish. This will allow me to re-think some of my … Continue reading

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Phew! Trig Done & One More Unit

We got through trig and, I’ll be honest, it was a bit of a rough ride. Looking back, I perhaps should have split it into two units instead of one long one. The students found this material the most challenging … Continue reading

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Specific Expectations Trap

We finished the Exponential Functions unit, and I think the students enjoyed it, especially the last part where we were modelling real-life situations. I used Fry’s Bank Account 3-Act Math, and it was a hit! In stark contrast, we have … Continue reading

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Quadratics Done, Exponentials Started

This past week brought the half-way point of two of my one-on-one Grade 11 Math classes, and we completed the quadratics unit. The unit start off strong, but with many outside factors for both students made the end of the … Continue reading

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Quadratic Unit Reflection

There’s only one lesson in the Quadratic Functions unit – units sure go by fast when math classes areĀ 2.5 hours a day! Even though I cover about twice as much as I normally would in a 70-minute class, it seems … Continue reading

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Equivalent Expressions with Games

Today, I wrapped up the second unit in my grade 11 Math classes – Equivalent Algebraic Expressions. This content can be a bit dry, so to help review, I had my students play a number of different games, including Polynomial … Continue reading

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One Week In

I have finished my first week as a high school teacher! Somethings went better than expected, other things did not! But, I guess THAT is to be expected, isn’t it? That’s kind of the beauty of teaching – it’s constantly … Continue reading

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