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Innovative Inspirations

In light of me taking part in the #IMMOOC this year, I’ve been noticing and getting inspired by teachers doing innovative things in their classrooms when I supply for them. So, I’m going to use this space to write about … Continue reading

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Kung Fu Math

My grade 6 teacher, Mr. Piot, did the awesome math game with us┬ácalled Kung Fu Math. I don’t remember the exact details, but we had to compete against each other to work our way up from yellow to black belt … Continue reading

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2017 Math Challenge

I’ve seen other bloggers write about the yearly math challenges and have always been intrigued! For those who are not familiar with it, the challenge is to use each digit in the current year (2017) exactly once, along with any … Continue reading

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2nd Chance

One of my private MCR3U classes finished on Wednesday, and another will be done next Wednesday. A third is running 3 times a week, so will take until February to finish. This will allow me to re-think some of my … Continue reading

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Phew! Trig Done & One More Unit

We got through trig and, I’ll be honest, it was a bit of a rough ride. Looking back, I perhaps should have split it into two units instead of one long one. The students found this material the most challenging … Continue reading

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Specific Expectations Trap

We finished the Exponential Functions unit, and I think the students enjoyed it, especially the last part where we were modelling real-life situations. I used Fry’s Bank Account 3-Act Math, and it was a hit! In stark contrast, we have … Continue reading

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Quadratics Done, Exponentials Started

This past week brought the half-way point of two of my one-on-one Grade 11 Math classes, and we completed the quadratics unit. The unit start off strong, but with many outside factors for both students made the end of the … Continue reading

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