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Kung Fu Math

My grade 6 teacher, Mr. Piot, did the awesome math game with us┬ácalled Kung Fu Math. I don’t remember the exact details, but we had to compete against each other to work our way up from yellow to black belt … Continue reading

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2017 Math Challenge

I’ve seen other bloggers write about the yearly math challenges and have always been intrigued! For those who are not familiar with it, the challenge is to use each digit in the current year (2017) exactly once, along with any … Continue reading

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Astronomy Week 2

My second lecture for the Life in the Universe course was yesterday, with the theme of: Science of Life in the Universe. Learning Outcomes for Week 2 By the end of this lesson, students will be able to: Understand the … Continue reading

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Equivalent Expressions with Games

Today, I wrapped up the second unit in my grade 11 Math classes – Equivalent Algebraic Expressions. This content can be a bit dry, so to help review, I had my students play a number of different games, including Polynomial … Continue reading

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