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#IMMOOC W4 – Modelling Learning on the Go!

To inspire students to be innovative and take risks in the classroom, they need to see their teacher doing the same. So, I think an important part of creating an innovative classroom environment requires a teacher who is willing to … Continue reading

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Innovative Inspirations #2 – Beal Innovates

The other day, I had the opportunity to cover for one of the FOUR teachers in the Beal Innovates program. This program includes about 60 grade 9 students and has them learning English, Geography, Science, and Mathematics using mostly cross-curriculum … Continue reading

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Innovative Inspirations

In light of me taking part in the #IMMOOC this year, I’ve been noticing and getting inspired by teachers doing innovative things in their classrooms when I supply for them. So, I’m going to use this space to write about … Continue reading

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#IMMOOC Week 3 – Old School Academic Thoughts

The 3rd week of #IMMOOC had us reading about the power of relationships and leaderships in innovation. The blog prompt has us reflecting on how far we’ve come with our thoughts about teaching and education. In my previous career, I … Continue reading

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#IMMOOC – Week 2 Reflection

This was the second week of #IMMOOC, and the focus of the reading was defining innovation, what innovation mindset is, and what the characteristics of an innovator are. Some key points that I highlighted are: Chapter 1: Having empathy for … Continue reading

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#IMMOOC Kick Off!

The online course to discuss George Couros’ book, The Innovator’s Mindset, kicked off today with a live YouTube chat with Jo Boaler (an amazing math educator)! Throughout the course, there will be blog prompts, and one from this week is: … Continue reading

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In Praise of Substitute Teaching

I’ve been enjoying my role as an occasional teacher (OT; aka. supply or substitute teacher) since February immensely! Some people think I am crazy, because there are lots of downsides: Initial lack of respect and “testing the sub” behaviour from … Continue reading

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