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#IMMOOC – Summary

In my most recent post, I went through all my notes from the book, videos, and chats from the #IMMOOC experience and basically did a brain dump of the things I highlighted. Now, to further the reflection process, I have … Continue reading

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#IMMOOC – Reflection & Impact

This was the last week of #IMMOOC – and I feel sad that it’s over! It was so wonderful to connect with so many other like-minded educators from around the world. The good thing is we can all stay connected through … Continue reading

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#IMMOOC W5c – Practicing “Less is More”

One of the chapters we read this week in #IMMOOC really hit on the fact that we are often doing too much as educators/schools/boards. In a time were we have access to so many cool, new, fun ideas, it can … Continue reading

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#IMMOOC W5b – Learning through PLNs!

When I started on my path in the public education world, I found out quickly that being on Twitter and reading blogs is an amazing way to access fantastic resources. Luckily I knew some incredibly innovative teachers through my previous … Continue reading

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#IMMOOC W5 – Helping Ss Know What They Don’t Know

This week #IMMOOC’s blog assignments are to write 3 shorter posts, so stay tuned for 2 more this week! Chapter 8 of The Innovator’s Mindset had me reflecting on strength-based learning and how this is an area I definitely need … Continue reading

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#IMMOOC W4 – Modelling Learning on the Go!

To inspire students to be innovative and take risks in the classroom, they need to see their teacher doing the same. So, I think an important part of creating an innovative classroom environment requires a teacher who is willing to … Continue reading

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Innovative Inspirations #2 – Beal Innovates

The other day, I had the opportunity to cover for one of the FOUR teachers in the Beal Innovates program. This program includes about 60 grade 9 students and has them learning English, Geography, Science, and Mathematics using mostly cross-curriculum … Continue reading

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