#IMMOOC Kick Off!

The online course to discuss George Couros’ book, The Innovator’s Mindset, kicked off today with a live YouTube chat with Jo Boaler (an amazing math educator)!

Throughout the course, there will be blog prompts, and one from this week is:

Why is innovation in education so crucial today?

I did answer this in my Flipgrid response:


In writing…

I believe innovation in education is so crucial today because we’re trying to prepare our students for jobs and careers that don’t even exist right now.

As someone who has a long background in scientific research, I understand the importance of critical thinking, problem solving, and innovation when attacking problems no one has ever thought about before. It is these skills our students need to have in order to succeed for these future unknown careers.

I want to learn how I can best teach these skills to students, and I think learning more about the innovator’s mindset is an excellent starting point!

The kick-off video and Twitter chat today was fantastic and there is certainly a lot of things to mull over and consider. If you missed it, I would definitely recommend watching! You should join in too!

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2 Responses to #IMMOOC Kick Off!

  1. Thanks for taking the time to blog about all of this 🙂

    What was your biggest takeaway from the talk?


    • Alyssa says:

      Thanks George! My biggest takeaway was the idea that if people aren’t disagreeing with what you’re doing, you’re not pushing the envelope enough. I find myself wanting to give into the pressure of keeping status quo because “it’s just easier” but I need to remember change isn’t easy.


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