Favourite Moments

As the school year winds down, I’ve been reflecting on my favourite moments I’ve had during my first year teaching public high school.

  1. When a notoriously-unreachable student knocked on my classroom door during my prep and we talked for 45 minutes about his art…and then he thanked me because no one ever does that with him.
  2. During an intense game of Spoons with a group of grade 12 physics students, one ripped the last spoon right from my hand. Then when he realized who he stole it from he became bright red and said “Oh my God! I stole the spoon from the TEACHER!! I’m going to fail!!”.
  3. Having a parent email to tell me how much they appreciated me helping their child.
  4. Having students teach me how to play Euchre, and then winning with my partner. Playing games with students is an awesome way to bond.
  5. Having students get excited when they see I’m their teacher for the day.
  6. Helping students, who normally do very little work, GET something. Those smiles and sense of accomplishment are such bright parts of my day.

It’s very bittersweet finishing my first year as a high school teacher, especially as it has been a bit of a rough start. I am excited to see what next school year brings!

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