Unexpected Questions

Last week I was invited into a parenting class to talk about my parenting journey to some grade 11 and 12 students at a school I supply at often.

It was a great experience, but – as per usual in high school classes – I got some questions and comments that I didn’t anticipate, and had to laugh about!

Is it true that you poop when you give birth?

How long did it take for you to lose the baby belly?

Student 1: I don’t have the patience to be a parent. I’d rather have a baby goat.
Student 2: I LOVE baby goats! They’re so cute!
Student 1: And they’re called “kids”, so that’s close enough.

Student 1: Is that a digital camera?
Student 2: Why did you ask that with such disdain?
Student 3: Ew! A digital camera?
Student 4: We have one of those in our house!

Can you just pretend you’re still presenting so we don’t have to do our presentations?

Ah, high school students will always make me smile (and shake my head too)!

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