This semester I’m an occasional teacher, and I’m excited for all that I will learn from it! I think being able to experience so many different schools, classrooms, courses, teaching/admin methods, room set-ups, etc, and to interact with so many students will be a great learning experience.

I’ve gone in several times already, and somethings I’ve learned are:

  • choice for students is crucial, but needs to have limits
  • according to students, every teacher is the best one ever and the worst one ever (a good reminder to not take comments personally)
  • a whistle for gym classes is an absolute must (also: I love covering gym classes!)
  • always better to have extra work for students than not enough
  • the more teachers/staff/admin who are on board with policies makes them so much easier to implement
  • there is a huge variety of teaching strategies being used out there, and students roll with it for the most part (reminder: don’t be scared to try different things)
  • perhaps my favourite: high school students are hilarious (I need to write down some of the things I hear!)

I hope to add to this list that I can spell “occasional” correctly on the first try!

I’ll keep writing about my occasional teaching experiences as the semester goes on!

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