Flipped Update in 3U/4C

So there goes my goal of doing a reflection each week, but I’ve decided not to give myself a hard time about it! Much more important that I do any reflection, than if I do it on a schedule.

We are now three weeks in, and the first unit tests are coming up already!

My 3U/4C split class has been running as an e-flipped classroom, as I like to call it. Instead of the traditional flipped model where students watch lectures at home then do their homework in class (and therefore get the opportunity for guidance from their teachers during this process), I’m using a model where I am acting as a curator of various types of already created  internet resources, and I add in mastery checks, labs, assignments, and other assessments.

Now before you get all excited that I’m amazing in coming up with this, you must know that I totally stole it from Heather over at BYOD, ASAP – who is an awesome math and science educator.

This model saves me time in that I don’t have to create resources and/or videos, but can use those already made and used by other educators. I can work in all types of assessments into the lessons as the “things students need to hand in”. My time is also saved because Heather has sent me her 3U lessons. So, I just need to edit those a bit and add in the 4C lessons.

This lets the students work at their own pace, and on completely different topics when necessary (for example, unit 3 will be dynamics for the 3Us and simple machines for the 4Cs).

I have good feedback from the students so far because of the freedom it affords them, and they like the variety of resources they are learning from.

Some concerns that have come up are when do the students know they’ve done “enough”?(there are mastery checks for each lesson that have questions in a similar style to what they will see on the test); and the freedom can be a stumbling block for a few who either get easily distracted or overwhelmed.

I am being as supportive as I can by answering any questions, giving mini lectures, and giving feedback on assessments and allowing students to revise their work. I am also being transparent as to what will be tested and what is important for them to learn by giving them the mastery checks and a list of success criteria.

The first unit test will be on Thursday or Friday this coming week and, I’ll be honest, I’m nervous. I know the students are too. It’ll be a test on whether this strategy is effective, especially in their eyes.

Stay tuned for the results, and I’ll also update on what’s going on in my 4U class.

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