Things have changed greatly since my last post!

I applied for a couple LTO postings, got an interview for one, and received the job! So, instead of supplying to begin my (public) high school teaching career, I’ll be teaching a grade 12 physics course (SPH4U) and a split physics course (SPH3U/4C)!

In looking at tons of resources, I have settled on a couple different methods to begin each course*:

4U: I’ll be following Chris Meyer’s Reformed Physics Teaching resources.

3U/4C: I’ll be running this as a flipped-classroom in order to meet the need of both classes without the students feeling like they only have half a teacher. I’ll be adapting some great resources I got from Heather of BYOD, ASAP.

Some other things to note:

  • The 3U/4C split will start with a math skills review the first week (thanks, Andrea!)
  • The 3U students all have iPads (as part of a board-wide initiative), so that will be fun to work with
  • The board has moved over to GAFE, so I’ll be using (and learning!) Google Classroom and other GAFE apps.
  • I’ll be doing the spaghetti tower challenge with both classes this week
  • I’ve got some other intro/ice-breaking activities planned

I hope to do a weekly reflection here about how things are going, so stay tuned!

I’ve certainly got the “back to school jitters”!!

*I say “begin”, because we all know things can change quickly and rarely go as planned! I’ll see how the students respond, but I’m a big believe in the methods I’ve chosen.



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