Google Doc Test Review

Since week 10 is a midterm week + no lecture in Astronomy, there’s not much to review. This gives me the chance to write about using Google Docs as a test review tool.

I got this idea from Heather, who uses it with her high school students.

All that’s involved is sharing a blank Google Doc (with instructions at the top) for students to ask and answer questions about an upcoming test or exam.

You can see the two docs I created for each midterm here and here.

The students can ask questions as they’re studying, and I answer them as soon as I can. I also say that other students can answer questions, but this has only happened on a couple of occasions.

I also add any questions I get via email if I think it would be useful for other students to see.

I did have small issues with the first midterm review because students were deleting/changing text and moving their questions to the top (even though I’d generally look at the bottom for new questions). But, after changing the instructions, it has been great.

Not many students actually post questions, and I don’t know how many others login to read over the answers. That being said, I think it’s been worthwhile to offer. The questions that come up are probably those that many students have.

I was also impressed to see how the quality of the questions changed from midterm #1 to #2: from general test info/how to study to  fairly involved content/understanding questions. Though, I do appreciate the last comment on the first test review:

Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 10.41.24 AM

I plan to do this for the final exam as well.

What other tools have you used for test/exam review for students?


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