Goals for 2016

Now that I have a few months of teaching under my belt, and am starting two new teaching positions in just a couple of days, I’d like to jot down some goals to keep in mind as I move forward this year.

  1. Up the engagement. In my first job, I felt like I was hanging on for dear life and just getting by. Now that I’ll have more time for prep, I can focus on incorporating strategies that are much more engaging.
  2. Investigate new online tools. I’ll already be testing out 3-4 different student response systems in class. Specifically I’d like look more into  (and use!) Pearson’s Learning Catalytics tools.
  3. Move from paper to online. I have some great ideas that I’ve used (some that I haven’t yet), that I get how to do with paper, but want to figure out how to do online instead. This includes things like jigsaw activities, exit/entrance cards, etc.
  4. Foster growth mindset more. I do this easily by modelling the fact that I am a dedicated life-long learner, but would like to take some more deliberate steps.

And the BIG ONE:

5. Get a more stable work situation. Ideally, this would mean getting on the supply list at my local school board! It’s tough going from contract to contract at all different education levels & locations. I’m basically just taking what I can get to cobble together some sort of decent career.

I’m hoping the fact that I keep adding teaching experience will help, and I also plan to taking an additional qualification (special education? physics?) – the issue here is which one will help me the most?

I know I’ll be able to incorporate and improve #1-4 wherever I am teaching, but #5 will be the challenging, as this is a very difficult goal to achieve for anyone these days.

Here’s hoping 2016 will bring more progress toward my career goals!

What are your goals this year?

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