2nd Chance

One of my private MCR3U classes finished on Wednesday, and another will be done next Wednesday. A third is running 3 times a week, so will take until February to finish.

This will allow me to re-think some of my lessons and assessments and utilize more innovative techniques.

We’re already done the first 3 units: Characteristics of Functions, Algebraic Expressions, and Quadratics. I taught the first two units in the same way, since we were close to the same schedule. For Quadratics I’ve been focusing more on fostering a deeper understanding of the Overall Expectations.

We will have 3 units left: Exponential Functions, Trig, and Discrete Functions. I taught them in that order with my first two classes. With a new course, I would re-arrange and put Exponential and Discrete together, and perhaps split Trig into two units. The only issue is that I don’t like the idea of doing trig last, because many students find it the most difficult (and I don’t want them to feel “beat down” before the FinalExam).

Regardless of what I do with the ordering of the units, I want to greatly improve the Trig Unit(s). It was too intense, to dry, and and too content-driven. I need more investigations, inquiries, and activities.

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