Phew! Trig Done & One More Unit

We got through trig and, I’ll be honest, it was a bit of a rough ride. Looking back, I perhaps should have split it into two units instead of one long one. The students found this material the most challenging so far, but I’m not sure if it’s because of the material itself or if because it was a longer unit.

Like I’ve mentioned before, because I didn’t know the material intimately, I had a bit of a tough time wrapping my head around all of it and seeing the “big picture”. All of the specific expectations seem unnecessarily detailed and disjointed. Give my lack of prep time, I wasn’t able to fully parse things out like I normally would.

I’m definitely hitting another creative wall at this point, with one unit left to go (discrete functions). I’m feeling stretched to my limit emotionally and mentally due to dealing with other aspects of teaching – mostly struggling with accommodations, professional judgement, and the like.

The last unit ends next Friday, then it’s time for the ISP (in which the students will create some function art – not unlike the ideas I had rolling around in my head weeks ago), and the final exam on the 18th. At least this will be the case for two of my students. I will continue to teach the 3rd student into January or February, as they’re on a different schedule.

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