Equivalent Expressions with Games

Today, I wrapped up the second unit in my grade 11 Math classes – Equivalent Algebraic Expressions. This content can be a bit dry, so to help review, I had my students play a number of different games, including Polynomial Battleship, some matching games, a puzzle, a dot-to-dot, a colouring page, and some Kahoot! quizzes.

Image Image 1 Image 2

The students seemed to enjoy it – or at least more than doing worksheets or problems from the textbook.

I’m tying it all together by getting the students to create their own unit review game as the unit assignment. I loved this idea right from the start, but it became even more awesome when I got to collaborate with Heather from BYOD, ASAP to make an amazing rubric.

I look forward to seeing the games they come up with next week. And, I’ll be sending the games to another MCR3U class at Heather’s school to try them out. How fun is that?

Though that aspect went well, there are other things I am struggling with right now. Mostly it’s a) finding the balance between helping students and getting them to take responsibility for their own learning, b) tackling Math anxiety, c) and closing the basic Math knowledge holes.

Next week brings on the Quadratic Functions unit, and I’m excited to use Mr. Orr’s Beautiful Functions Challenges.

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