Training is Done, Now What?

My classes are done, I’ve completed two fantastic practicum placements, and I worked for two weeks with some wonderful science learning coordinators at the local school board office.

I’ve said my Oath and am officially an Ontario Certified Teacher (OCT). I have crossed the stage at my convocation, and have framed my Bachelor of Education degree.

After years of wanting to become a teacher, I am now certified to teach in a high school classroom.

So, now what?

The obvious next step is to get a job as a teacher, of course!

Well, that is definitely what my goal is, but it can be a hard and long process here in Ontario. So, it’s not as easy as it may seem.

I have applied to the secondary occasional list here, and unfortunately did not get an interview for the first round. The good thing is several rounds are usually done each year, and there are other school boards near by that I can apply too.

I am also looking out for and applying to other education jobs.

As I play the waiting game that is life as a job-seeker, I have other plans on the go to strengthen my teaching resume and will keep me active in the education world. I will be volunteering regularly at a couple of schools. I will be taking on students to tutor, and I will also be signing up for an additional teaching qualification.

I have been told that becoming a classroom K-12 teacher in Ontario can sometimes (and even often) be frustrating, and demoralizing, so I’m trying to stay positive by knowing that it WILL happen one day. Staying connected to the education world will help keep those negative feelings away.

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