The Next Stage

I finished my BEd in May, and now it’s on to the next stage: finding a job.

I naively thought that going back to school for my teaching certificate would be the hardest part of this process. Even though I knew it was a long road to become a full time teacher in this province,  I figured once I got my BEd, at least I would finally be able to start supply teaching shortly after…what I’ve be wanting for years..and get on with it.

Unfortunately, it’s not as easy as it sounds. The first stage is to get on a supply list for a school board…and for that to happen, a board needs to open their list, I need to apply, be interviewed, and be selected. There have been no openings in secondary teaching in any board near me.

So, it’s a waiting game now. My plan for the Fall is to volunteer at a few (very different) schools to a) get back into the classroom, b) get my face/name out there, and c) get a feel for different schools/grades/courses/etc.

I’m also going to read up on some pedagogical and classroom management techniques I didn’t get to learn much about in my program (technology in the classroom, inquiry-based methods, student-led learning methods, etc.). I’m also going to look into my options for AQs, and figure out which to do first. If nothing else, I can satisfy my passion for life-long learning.

Any advice for how to weather this tough transition is welcome!

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