T2P Review

The last two weeks of my BEd program had me choosing my own mini placement! It was very open ended, and I had a lot of different ideas of what I could do. I ended up deciding to volunteer at the local school board office with the science learning coordinators, and it was a great experience!

I went with this option, because I wanted to marry my previous work experience in developing inquiry-based activities with my new outlook as a teacher. As I move forward in my teaching career, this will be one focus I have.

I wasn’t all that sure what to expect from the two weeks, but I learned a lot about not only inquiry-based science, but the more back-ground goings-on in the board, and just how much teachers (need to) collaborate.

Some of the highlights include:

  • Attending the Ontario Skills Competition
  • Taking park in inquiry science workshops
  • Contributing and leading brain-storming sessions about inquiry science ideas and activities
  • Meeting with teachers one-on-one, and in small and a larger groups

The key take-away messages I got were:

  • There are teachers out there very dedicated to improving themselves in order to make the education system better
  • There are some who aren’t
  • Teachers love to collaborate and work together, and it’s imperative for success
  • My thoughts, opinions, and ideas were valued

This experience, along with most others this past year, just solidified my love of teaching even more! It’s hard for me not to be involved at this moment, and I just cannot wait to get back into the classroom!

This was the last requirement for my BEd degree, and so I am all that closer to achieve my goal! Next steps are to attending my convocation next month, and get my certification approved by the Ontario College of Teachers.

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