Week 6 – The End of the Beginning

This is a week later than planned, but I came down with a severe case of strep throat practically the moment I walked out of the school on my last Friday – blech!

The last week of my 2nd practicum had the grade 9s finishing off one unit and start another, and the grade 12s working on a final assignment to end that unit.

Day 13

  • Review day
  • Students could work on any practice work they hadn’t finished, their Desmos assignment, use a in-class set of flash cards, or work on their survivals guides
  • It was a good chance for many of them to ask questions, and get things clarified, and that they did! Hopefully it was a good lesson to keep caught up DURING the unit 😉

Day 14

  • Unit Test
  • I was actually not in class this day, because our girls soccer team had a tournament and was out fulfilling my coaching duties with that — watching soccer all day is not a bad way to spend a day!

Day 15

  • Starting a new unit: Linear Models
  • Warm up (Using Pear Deck): students plot their moods on a happiness/tired plot:
  • Linear modelling example using candle burning assignments from scatter plots unit (using Pear Deck)
  • Students learn more about modelling with a 3-centre activity (given either a graph, table, or description in words, they had to find dependent/independent variables, slope, y-intercept, and their meanings in the given situation, then state the equation in symbols and in words)
  • Debrief: discuss the Rule of 4 (any math problems can be represented by graphs, table of values, equation(s), and words – and once you have one, you can get the other 3).
  • Practice work: word wall & create own linear model example

Day 16

  • Warm up: to the boards! Simplify: (a^2+a+2)-(-a^2+a-4)
  • Defining additional terms: direct/partial variation, and continuous/discrete variables
  • Went through a “word description” model examples with these additional classifications
  • Students worked on worksheet
  • Debrief: overview answers on front page (rest for homework)

Day 17

  • My last day 🙂 😦 – Happy and Sad
  • Started off with a fun Kahoot! (pop culture for 1 class, logos for the other)
  • Went through one long modelling example starting with a word description: A population of 200 tigers live in a national park. They are being illegally poached at a rate of 8 per year.:
    • defined dependent/independent variables
    • made a table of values
    • made a graph
    • Is it discrete/continuous? partial/direct?
    • slope/rate of change, what does it mean?
    • y-intercept, what does it mean?
    • x-intercept, what does it mean?
    • Write equation using let statements, what does it mean:
  • Practice work: worksheet
  • THEN ICE CREAM!!!!!!

The grade 12s got to play bad Fox News journalist, and find a meaningless correlation and create a poster to convince people it’s actually real. One of my favourites was that the increase rate of marriages were causing the increases rate of heart attacks in men. Then they had a test on Friday.

And there it is…my entire math teaching experience summed up in just a few posts! Can’t wait to add more. I will probably do specific posts on a few things I mentioned!

Next up – a two week stint at the local school board office to work on a project related to assessment of inquiry activities. That will be the last requirement of my teaching program!

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