Week 5 – Fog Starts to Lift

After the positive end to week 4, we were ready to start introducing new content on Monday of this week, and finish off the new material for this unit before week 5 was done (ANOTHER short week, due to a PD day on Friday).

Day 9

  • Warm up: 3 questions on the board having to do with perpendicular and parallel lines
  • Short lesson on vertical and horizontal lines, with examples
  • Ended with a game involving life-sized graphing
    • Set up 2 10×10 graphs on the floor
    • Split class into 2 teams
    • Groups of 3 had to graph an equation I wrote on the board
    • First team to do it correctly and hit the Easy Button got the point
    • First team to 5 points won!
    • The first class really got into the game and enjoyed it; the second class did not seem to understand, and it became chaotic and confusing enough that I had to stop it and just give them time to work on their homework.
  • Practice work: special lines worksheet

Day 10

  • Warm up: algebra review question on the boards (solve 4x – 6 = 2x + 12, and show check)
  • Review of what we need in order to write an equation in slope, y-intercept for (that’d be slope and y-intercept)
  • Went through several examples on how to use this information, and the techniques from algebra to solve more complicated problems
    • This focused on finding equation of line that passes through 2 specific points
  • Debrief: went through several examples on how to write an equation given certain information about a line (slope, intercept, parallel to, perpendicular to, etc.)
  • Practice work: text book questions, write equation worksheet

Day 11

  • I (and my associate teacher) were at a soccer tournament all day with the girl’s soccer team
  • Students had a quiz and then had time to catch up on their practice work

Day 12

  • Warm Up: To the Boards! again – this time to generate an equation passing through (-5,4) and (-3,5)
  • Desmos assignment is introduced (stolen from here)
    • Students will create their initials in a specific font using line segments and tools they’ve learned in this unit
    • First they map it out on graph paper by hand,
    • Then made a table of each line segment, their equations and ranges needed
    • Put all the lines into Desmos to plot
    • Then make it prettier by adding colour 🙂
  • Students seemed confused and hesitant at first, but several got into it quickly, and most finished mapping it out by hand! I think they liked it, even though it was different and challenging (or maybe because of that!). I’m looking forward to seeing the finished products next week. I’ll post pictures of a few!
  • Here’s mine to give you an idea:

I also started teaching the grade 12 data management class this week! That means 3 classes a day, which is a full teaching load!

With the grade 12s, I’m covering the 2-variable statistics unit, which is actually quite similar to the grade 9 scatter plots unit I did near the beginning of my practicum. The big difference being is students learn statistical techniques to calculate the degree & type of the correlation,  the equation of a best fit line, and how well it fits the data.

Next week is my last week – I can’t believe it! I’m sad just thinking about it!

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