Week 4 – Graphs, Graphs, and More Graphs!

I’m pretty sure my students thought I was trying to kill them with graphs this week!

After getting the basics of getting a table of values and a graph from a linear equation, we started to delve deeper into specific forms and cases this week.

Day 5:

  • We started another 4-day week, after a 4-day weekend, with a quiz — not ideal, but I didn’t want to push the other lessons too far.
  • We covered the advantages and disadvantages of y = mx + b form
  • Introduced Standard Form (Ax + By = C) and summarized advantages and disadvantages
  • We went through several examples on how to go back and forth between the two forms
  • We didn’t get through many, since we had the quiz
  • Home work was a worksheet
  • Gave students link to IXL math for additional review

Day 6:

  • warm up: Using Desmos, students:
    • created a steep line passing through (0,3)
    • created the flattest line they could
    • fit a line to a graph with 2 specific points
  • The lesson began with covering the examples from the previous day using Pear Deck
  • Reviewed 3 ways to graph we’ve learned so far with this video
  • Did a round table (gave a equation, and each student had to graph it by 1 of 4 ways — 4th = Desmos, then compare which was easier/harder, etc.)
  • Home work was more of the same type of questions (graph certain equations using certain methods)

Different graphs of same equation during round table (via @barb_seaton(

Day 7:

  • After seeing the students struggle with the round table (there were many blank faces and “I don’t get it”s), I decided to give them a work period so they could catch up on their practice work and be able to ask more questions
  • I was hesitant to do this, since it would put us a day behind, and I wan’t sure if they’d actually work…but it was really great! They worked hard, had a lot of good (specific!) questions, and seemed to feel more confident by the next day.
  • There was no new homework for this period, except to get all the practice work for the unit done for the next day so I could collect it.

Day 8:

  • Warm up: Kahoot game on linear equations
  • Activity on parallel lines where students graphed several equations and compared
  • Activity on perpendicular lines where students generated several equations from graphs and compared
  • Summarized findings (definitions) of parallel and perpendicular lines
  • Collected practice work for unit thus far
  • Handed back quiz and candle assignment
  • Practice work: text book questions

This was an up and down week, that’s for sure! There was a lot of negativity in the first two days, but it tuned around drastically during the work period, so I’m very happy that worked out.

One thing I learned this week was I tend to spend too much time on the examples. I had been getting them to work through them on their own. But, my AT suggested I work through at least the first one with them, and that has made a world of difference in terms of 1) saving time, and 2) having less student confusion.

I had someone from the Faculty of Education sit in on one of the classes on Friday to assess me, and I think it went well! I have to say, I wasn’t all that worried, but it’s always a bit off-putting knowing there is another set of eyes on you!

Next up in this unit are more special cases, generating equations, another quiz, and introducing their Desmos assignment.

Oh, and the first tournament for the girl’s soccer team that I’m helping my AT coach! I’m loving that part of the job, and I’m looking forward to the games!

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2 Responses to Week 4 – Graphs, Graphs, and More Graphs!

  1. It’s always a balancing act with the examples and every class is different with how much guidance they need. There’s a lot of trial and error involved! I tend to do 2 or 3 examples where I give them a couple minutes to think about it and then we work through them together, with students telling me the steps as much as they can (I ask a lot of leading questions). Then another couple that they do on their own while I circulate, and we take up as a class. Some classes need more, some less. It does get stressful when they need the extra time and your own timeline starts to get compressed but if they need it, they need it. Good for you for recognizing that and giving them the extra support! That goes a long way in building trust and good rapport with them.


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