Week 3 – Linear Relations Begins

After the students had a background in algebra and scatter plots, they get combined into the linear relations unit — where students learn to mathematically represent straight lines in a graph.

Here’s what I did for each lesson this short 4-day week;

Day 1: Table of Values

  • review degree of equation, # of variables
  • linear equations always written with y in terms of x (solve for y)
  • using equation to create table of values (x values, y values from equation, and 1st differences)
  • use TOV to graph data
  • how to tell what’s linear and what’s non-linear

Day 2: Slope 1

  • review TOV, graphs, equations (which are linear, which are non-linear)
  • introduce slope/rate of change & how to find from TOV, graph
  • 3 forms of slope formulae: m = rise/run = (y2-y1)/(x2-x1) = Δy/Δx
  • focus on graph & TOV methods (2-points Day 3)
  • practice examples

Day 3: Slope 2

  • Warm up: finding slope using TOV & graph
  • intro how to find slope using 2-points method w/ example
  • slope tic-tac-toe (students place in pairs and solve problems until they win a game of tic-tac-toe)
  • In-class work time to work through full example from equation to TOV to graph to calculating slope by 3 methods

Day 4: slope, y-intercept form

  • Using homework questions to connect equations to slope & y-intercept
  • Show equations from homework in Desmos
  • Get students to investigate lines in Desmos (y=mx+b with -2<m<2 and -2<b<2)
  • Show slope, y-intercept form with each term defined
  • Do example of creating graph from equation

I’ve been getting surprised at what students are getting stuck on in this unit so far. Fo example, we’ve had to review some basic numeracy skills, and Day 3 seemed like a slog. My associate teacher gave me good advice: assume there’s always going to be some confusion.

I think by the end of Day 4 though, students were starting to see how it all comes together. Let’s just hope they don’t forget too much over the 4-day weekend (with a quiz on the first day back!)

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