Week 2 – Scatter Plots Mini Unit

This week I taught a mini unit about Scatter Plots to the two grade 9 academic math classes. Here’s a summary of what I did:

Day 1:

  • Warm up: Candy ice-breaker (students choose 1-2 candies, each colour represents something they had to tell the class – hobby, favourite vacation, etc.)
  • Plotting points on x-y coordinator grid review using Pear Deck
  • Reviewed quadrant numbering using Pear Deck
  • Discussed importance of scale (and how to choose scale)
  • Quiz using Google Forms
  • Practice work: scale review sheet & creating own ordered pair art

Day 2:

  • Warm up  = Sheldon’s Crickets vs. Temperature theory
  • Note on Accuracy and Precision
  • Physical measurement centres
  • Debrief: discussion on difficulty of visualizing lots of data (graphs >> table of values)
  • Practice work: more measurements at home

Day 3:

  • Warm up = critical look at 2 Fox News Graphs
  • Note on independent/dependent variables, types/degrees of correlation, outliers, scale breaks
  • Debrief: graph data of cricket chirps vs. temperature (video from day 2)
  • Practice work: complete graph and text book questions

Day 4:

  • Warm up = kahoot! quiz on material from last day
  • Note on line of best fit (5 rules), how to make predictions (interpolations/extrapolations) — used data from day 2 for examples
  • Debrief: used (other) data from day 2 to practice (foot length vs. height)
  • Practice work: complete graph and textbook questions

Day 5

  • Warm up = algebra question on the board
  • 3-act math on candle burning (3rd act used as assignment!)
  • Debrief: final instructions for assignment
  • Practice work: Word Wall for next unit (Linear Relations)

Overall, I think the week went well! There were some bumps, and learning points for me in both teaching and the actually mathematics (like, I had to be reminded that scale breaks can only be used starting at the origin — never in the middle of a data set!).

I LOVED the way the 3-act math is done. I have never done one, or even seen one. Being a scientist, I really like how it’s inquiry-based and forces students into higher order thinking! That’s something that gets me really excited!

Next week, we put together the algebra and scatter plots unit into linear relations, and I get to teach the grade 12s about standard deviation!

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3 Responses to Week 2 – Scatter Plots Mini Unit

  1. Ophelia Bjornson says:

    I would be honored to have you teach mathematics to my own children. Clearly too, you’re having fun. What a fantastic career you have to look forward to. Do it for the kids. They’re lucky to have you.


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