Math – Here I Come!

My second practicum placement is starting on Monday, and I got word that I will be placed with an awesome associate teacher (AT, who I know from soccer years back) in three Math classes – two grade 9 academic classes, and a grade 12 data management class.

I’m really excited about this placement for a bunch of reasons! Last placement I had the opportunity to teach astronomy to two grade 9 academic science classes, which was AWESOME, but I’m looking forward to teach something different! It will be interesting to see the similarities and differences between teaching science and math.

I’m also excited because my AT is doing some really cool and innovative things in the classroom, so I’m anxious to learn more about what she’s doing, how she’s implementing it all, and how it’s going.

In addition to the goals I posted about before, I want to become more involved in the school climate this time around.  I’m hoping to help out with a sports team, a math and/or science club, and attend and take part in the Gay-Straight Alliance (GSA) meetings.

Can’t wait to start, and I’ll try to update along the way over the next 7 weeks!

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