Why High School?

I’m often asked why I have chosen to teach the high school grades, as most of the responses I get are similar to “Oh…I could NEVER do that!” and “Wow…good luck!”.

It’s hard to articulate quickly why I ended up choosing the high school grades, because I was on the fence for a while when deciding between grades 4-10 and 7-12.

What it comes down to I truly believe it’s an honour to witness these years of someone’s life.

This came especially to light during my first practicum. While there, I attended a few events including a talent show, a music concert, and a volleyball game, and I was blown away by the talent, energy, and confidence of the students.

It was incredible just to think that they have their whole lives ahead of them and have the ability to do so many things – they’re amazing already…imaging how amazing they will become!

High school is where we all start the process of really finding ourselves – we start getting a good grasp of what we like and dislike, what we’re good at (and not so much), what’s morally and ethically important to us, what kind of people we like (or don’t like), what we want to do with our time and money, and really start to think about what the future may and CAN hold for us.

Honestly, it makes me a bit teary-eyed to know that I will be able to witness students transform from children into young adults and grow in innumerable ways. What an important and incredible time to be part of  someone’s life.

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